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Wedding Day with Jerry Ghionis Wescott Icelight I am in love with the Jerry Ghionis Wescott Icelight. Although at $500 a light I should be. :) What is so awesome about this light is that It is portable so I am able to take it with me anywhere. I own two and and also own the icepack travel kit that comes with a storage bag and a nifty portable car charger. Here is an example of a photos taken with 2 ice lights in the bride's dressing room. When I arrived the dressing room was well lit with fluorescent lighting. I could have just stayed with that however I wanted the more dramatic mood lighting that my ice lights could bring when set up correctly. Bring on the drama!!! So I asked the bridal party to allow me to turn off the lights and use my fabulous toys. (They resemble Star Wars light sabers.) Here I have the ice lights on 2 stands creating a nice dramatic key light and hair light. The patterned texture of the couch just adds to the glam of this bride's flare. I was then able to shift the lights around my bride for various shots in order to get the look that I desired. I was blessed to have learned about light from the Icelight creator, Jerry Ghinois himself, who I did the one week intensive with in Chicago. It had not been released at that time, and had been very excited telling our class about it. Now I can see why. It is an awesome tool. 

Photo shot with Canon 5D MKIII. Lenses used: 85mm 1.2, 50mm 1.2

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